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Sundogs are a rare meteorological phenomenon that show up at high latitudes where two smaller suns appear alongside the big sun.

We’re a creative performance company focused on using the power of data and AI in service of creative—the small suns that make the big sun shine more brightly.

We’re a global collection of Cannes-winning creatives, cutting edge data scientists, and strategic experimenters who are poking at the future with curiosity and delight.

Led by Ben Jones, who founded Unskippable Labs at Google, we have spent the last decade pioneering creative guidance, and shaping the strategies of the world’s largest and most complex brands to deliver outsized returns. We’ve spun out from Google so we can scale to meet the full needs of platforms, advertisers and agencies.

Co-founded by Jonathan Savitch, who led the growth, acquisition and integration of Routehappy prior to its acquisition by ATPCO. We know how to scale start-ups delivering extraordinary services coupled with the latest technology in all verticals.

We’d love to help you. Come say: hello@sundogs.io

Our Partners

Newfangled Studios

Newfangled Studios is a next-generation production agency, combining social-first innovation, great storytelling, and a grounding in business results with a worldview built around respect and inclusion, especially in working with Creators. They were just named one of AdWeek’s fastest growing agencies. Longtime partners to the Sundogs team, they have helped identify and execute patterns of creative effectiveness across global marketing campaigns.

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