Welcome to the most thrilling and complicated time of our professional lives.

You’ve learned so much, made so much, and now?

You can’t seem to learn fast enough to catch your breath and everything you know seems less important than what you needed to learn yesterday.

We’re in it with you.

That’s why we’ve launched Sundogs.

Because a decade of exploration gave us the chance to unlock creative performance at scale with the best brands in the world. Working at the forefront of AI let us see what the machines can see—and what they can’t. Hundreds of experiments across every screen for every audience gave us insights into how attention works, how audiences are evolving, and how to build brands in this new world. 

The platforms will do what’s best for the platforms. We want to do what’s best for you.

A little more about us:

Spun out from Google’s Unskippable Labs

Millions of ads and billions of hours of watchtime told us a lot about how ads work.

Experts in creative for YouTube

We turned what we learned into all of YouTube’s creative guidance across verticals, products, formats and moments.

Creatively led/data-backed

Guidance needs context, and our creative-first way of thinking makes sure the data supports your ideas rather than watering them down.

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