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Five Observations about the Future of Video & AI

Having looked at literally millions of ads, built AI models and immersed in the tools and techniques of everyone from the guts of big platforms to the cutting edge startups, here are the five things you should know…

Creative is the dominant driver of ROI.

As media automation increases and privacy signals are muted, its power will only increase. And while I love the Gaussian splats as much as the next person, the core form will be video.

There’s a ton of untapped upside in making it better.

Scaled data and AI are letting us unpack patterns of creative effectiveness that improve ads more than 90% of the time.

Creatively-led and AI-enabled beats AI-led.

AI accelerates validation and adherence of creative signals, but does not uncover hidden patterns. In my experience, more than 85% of the meaningful effectiveness signals originate from creative hypotheses that AI helps to validate. If you’re not starting from the creative, you won’t get the full picture.

This is a language, not a checklist.

It’s not about logo-in-the-first-frame. It’s about great storytelling with full knowledge of the nature of attention, alignment to objectives, and the tools to put your imagination where it is most powerful (without getting bogged in endless format tweaking).

There is no safe space behind you.

AI is here and racing ahead. Culture is fragmenting and remixing. Attention is scattering across screens and platforms. Creators are exploding. Cloud is coming. How you live in this new world will depend on your ability to see clearly, evolve quickly, and put these new tools to work for you.

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